Simon Winchester’s Korea

I have lived in Korea for over two years, and all the while, I have been searching for a good book about this mysterious country. I found a highly recommended one (with both positive and negative aspects), written by an Englishman, Simon Winchester, who set out on foot from Korea’s southern tip to the North Korean border in the late 1980’s. It was more or less what I was looking for . . . for now. […]


Predictions for Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

“You must gain balance within yourself before you can bring balance to the world.” Guru Pathik Legend of Korra, Book 4: Balance premieres this Friday, October 3rd and the Avatar fandom (myself included) could not be more excited. In this final installment of the Avatar series, what can we expect to see? I’m going to give you my predictions for Book 4: Balance and why they matter. I will try my best to keep it […]


You Know Nothing About Korea

“If you don’t know what the word, ‘han,’ in Korean means, then you know nothing about Korea.” This is what one of my Korean friends told me last week. To me, it meant a few things. First, it was a smack in the face. I have lived in Korea for almost two years now, and by comparison, in the scope of life, it really isn’t a long time. I’m not Korean, I can’t speak the […]

Avatar: The Last Airbender Power Hour

In honor of Legend of Korra Book 3: Change, I decided it’s finally time to release one of my greater nerdy accomplishments, dedicated to the original Avatar series, Legend of Aang. It’s a YouTube video dubbed to Avatar: The Last Airbender called Avatar: The Last Airbender Power Hour. Sometime during my later years of college, I found the time to create a video power hour using clips from The Last Airbender with music from different genres […]

Keep On Dreaming Even If It Breaks Your Heart

Famous words by Eli Young Band . . . “Keep on Dreaming Even If It Breaks Your Heart” “Way back on the radio dialA fire got lit inside a bright eyed childEvery note just wrapped around his soulFrom steel guitars to Memphis all the way to rock n roll” During my 45 day backpacking adventure through Southeast Asia, Eli Young’s “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” song came on my iPod while I was on […]