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Another round of edits: 10 things learned

After spending the past month editing my WIP, Book II of the Worlds Apart series: A Mass of Enemies, I realized some things I hadn’t really reflected on before. Here they are: ten things learned after another round of edits. 1. It’s really hard to keep characters, scenes and plot points consistent between books 1 and 2 of the same series. As you change, so do your characters and your perceptions of them. 2. Only […]


A Game of Thrones: Show Versus Tell

It seems to me that the battle between Show Versus Tell has been going on longer than the Game of Thrones being played in Westeros, but it’s a bit less exciting. Okay, maybe a lot less exciting. But Show and Tell are duking it out just the same. And while one may be favored above the other by good writers everywhere, their continual struggle and fight for the spotlight cannot be ignored. Who are these […]


How to Hook your Readers with a Good Opening Paragraph

If you’re following my blog, just stopping by, or keep up with me in any capacity, then I assume it’s for one of three reasons: You’re a friend, acquaintance, or follower of mine, genuinely interested in my upcoming book series, Worlds Apart, and the process that goes along with it. You’re a fellow reader, writer, or blogger looking consciously or accidently stumbling upon my blog or other resources for ideas of your own – and […]


What to Consider When Choosing an Editor

Every child who grew up watching/playing Pokémon (an animated cartoon/video game originating in Japan) secretly wishes they could have lived in that world. Okay, so you saw it on TV, with animated monsters and people running around saying cheesy lines, and you think, why would I want to be in that world? One, instead of going to school, you get to travel the world with creatures possessing incredible powers while battling other trainers during your […]