June’s Free Giveaway Monday

June’s Free Giveaway Monday is here my friends! Since summer is in full swing, I decided to give away money in the form of a $15 Amazon gift card. Download the books you want to read this season with this prize . . .  entry is simple! I’ll let you in on my current status in my writing process and then leave you to enter the giveaway – short and sweet! As I said in past […]


April’s Free Giveaway Monday

The next free giveaway is here, my friends! If this is your first time here, I should tell you that free giveaway Mondays happen on the last Monday of every month until my book, Worlds Apart: A Myth Reborn, launches sometime this fall. What is a Free Giveaway Monday, you ask? It is a game or contest that people enter in order to win something completely free . . . from me! Last month’s winner, […]


Free Giveaway Mondays!

Let the Madness Continue Free Giveaway Mondays  I am writing this post for two reasons: One – in order to give an update about my upcoming Free Giveaway on Monday, March 31st. And two – to give some tips about keeping a level head while going through self-publishing. Let me start with the latter. Keeping a level head during the self-publishing process seems easy enough, right? You write your book, edit it, and then get […]


Free Giveaway Mondays! And Everything in Between

You read that correctly—“Free Giveaway Mondays.” If you’ve been following along with what I’m doing, then you already know I’m publishing my first e-book, Worlds Apart: A Myth Reborn as soon as its ready. I am excited in a way that words can’t explain. And before I enlighten you on what my Free Giveaway Mondays will entail, let me tell you a bit more about where I am in the publishing process. It’s been a while […]