Myth Reborn


Meet My Character Blog Tour

I was nominated for this, “Meet My Character Blog Tour,” by my dear, not so near and newfound friend, Rachael Ritchey. We often get to chat about our writing, our hopes, our dreams, and our different literary styles—saying that our stories are reflections of ourselves—extensions. I look forward to reading her YA fantasy fiction book series!  She has been a blessing in my life and in my writing and I met her from over 5,000 […]


Worlds Apart

What is “Worlds Apart,” you ask? It’s the name of the five-part series that I’m working on. Book One, A Myth Reborn, will be available on Amazon soon, as my first official published e-book. Looking forward to it? Not nearly as much as me! I’m Job Merkel. I teach English by day. I write by night. I moved to South Korea in October 2013 for a year-long teaching position in a city called Yeosu, a quaint, […]