EPILOGUE: Three Months Later (Durin Hayline) . . .

Another Eevee—not the original Eevee given to Bambi Hayline for her tenth birthday, (that was now an Umbreon) and not the Eevee scooped up on the forest floor by her brother, Yumin Hayline, or the one recovered by her cousin, Zakana Hayline, or the three taken into care by trainers, Makua Church, Farore Aggagol, or Lyres Goevern—it was not any of those Eevee. This was the seventh child, born of the original Eevee owned by […]


Chapter 25: Kirish’s Kingdom

They lay in beds, all of them—Yumin, Zakana, Farore, Bambi, and Makua. They weren’t in a fully functioning Pokémon Center but it was better than all the other ones they visited in the past month. This one could actually heal Pokémon. It was off the grid and so far, The Viterals hadn’t been able to touch it. Kirish sat at Yumin’s hospital bed and whispered things to him. Other girls, the ones who had rode […]


Chapter 24: Grass

When the water dried up in the warehouse, zapped away like magic, Zakana thought that the attacks were over. The fire burned, and the water surged and when the heat and the cold dissipated and everyone had caught their breath, life seemed to emerge. Things grew in that space. Flowers. And plants. And grass. There wasn’t enough time for Zakana to realize that something else had merely taken the place of the other murderous Pokémon. […]


Chapter 23: Water

They say water is life. That it can heal even the deepest of wounds. No one talks much about how it is death too. They don’t talk about the unknown oceans. The relentless tides. The freezing rains. That it is dark and dangerous and shows no mercy. It can be as light and deadly as a dagger, or as a heavy and suffocating as a flood. Most times there is no in-between. Bambi knew the […]


Chapter 22: Fire

When the window broke high above Yumin and glass sprinkled to the ground, he knew the days of waiting had passed. The men outside had finally reached a decision about what to do: throw a single Pokeball in through the window and see what happens. Though it wasn’t a Pokeball at all. This one Yumin had never seen before and that was saying something seeing as his father made Pokeballs. It was black with purple […]


Chapter 21: Zakana’s Answer

A mother needs her babies just as badly as her babies need her. If not more. The mother knows when its babies are not there, but a young newborn will only notice the absence of its mother once the connection has been made, once it knows there is a mother to have. Some young may remember but the mother can never forget. Did he remember mother? The boy with the auburn brown eyes, who could […]


Chapter 20: Yumin’s Delivery

Talk is for the Pidgey. As much as Yumin wanted to know what Hawk had to say about his road to success and slew of perversions and betrayals, he had to excuse himself of what he guaranteed himself would be an otherwise good time. Pokémon that can’t be healed? Stiff coated men and nurses with fake lips and eyebrows? Silence so sickening you can hear it break your spine if you breathe the wrong way? […]


Chapter 18: Farore’s Kiss

They sure were different. Yumin—brave and somewhat hotheaded, Bambi—curious and rash, Zakana—helpless and literally as useful as a Magikarp on your elbow . . . though definitely not afraid to speak his mind or do what he wanted. Maybe this is what they had in common—they did what they wanted. Farore had heard of Kirish, but didn’t know her personally. If she was holding down the Orange Islands like the news going around said, she […]


Chapter 17: Bambi’s Worth

When Bambi and the others found Zakana, the Eevee he held was still safe. Curled up inside Zakana’s now crumpled frame. Houndour kept a flame lit for all of them to see. Bambi looked at him, inside that great big warehouse, watched the way her cousin breathed up and down, rhythmically but with small hiccups too. Despite his sudden disappearance, he hadn’t been hard to find. He had dragged himself, screaming, shouting in frustration until […]