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Science fiction, fantasy, dystopian writer for the YA reader.

Job Merkel is a writer from a small town in Maryland in the United States. He grew up on a farm with four brothers and four sisters where they spent their time playing together, running around with no shoes and doing chores.

Job would often escape to fictional worlds in his mind, wishing for powers that would take him away from his ordinary existence. Unfortunately, he never got those powers, but some of his characters did . . .

Books in Progress

Rory Campbell can’t hear the birds or the crickets. Everything that should be making a sound isn’t, and for the first time, Rory can hear the rumblings in the distance. When a meteor shower crashes down on small town Onist, Rory must make an important decision—stay with his fellow orphans or save the girl he loves. His choice will make him.

When Rory Campbell and his friends discover that their real parents may actually be alive, they set out to find answers. The group must rely on each other, trust no one else, and fight for their lives, because the harder they attempt to act normal and hide their abilities, the more they find they are surrounded by a mass of enemies . . . everywhere they turn!


What happens when lives and nations are built upon lands ruled by Kings and Queens who continually threaten to rip them apart?

Find out in a Sea of Lies, Book Three of the Worlds Apart series.


The lines between good and evil become dangerously blurred as sides are chosen in this two part novel. The sky is growing into a black abyss, war is on the horizon and darkness is falling.

In the final installment of the World’s Apart series, find out what happens as the forces of good and evil clash in one of the most catastrophic wars planet Earth has ever seen.

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